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Siding Replacement For the Minnesota Metro

High-quality siding on your home or business is crucial for protecting your property. Unfortunately, age and wear and tear from inclement weather can destroy those important panels, turning them into ineffective eyesores that don’t protect your home from the elements as they should.

However, not all hope is lost when your siding gives out. Siding replacement from 2Code Exteriors not only brings that essential element protector back to your property but strengthens it more than ever before.

We install the best siding materials available, each of which we guarantee will last for decades. We also offer those materials in several colors and styles, so you’ll find a perfect new siding choice no matter what you need. Whether you need siding repair or replacement, 2Code Exteriors is the name to call.

Our Siding Materials

Proper siding replacement requires a comprehensive catalog of stellar materials, and you won’t find more high-quality siding options than you will at 2Code Exteriors. We offer several types of siding that fit well with all kinds of homes and businesses, including:

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is the strongest, most durable siding material you’ll find. It resists damage from almost everything, including inclement weather, falling debris, and accidental collisions. It also maintains its color and strength for decades without extensive maintenance.

The common downside of fiber cement siding is its rugged texture and appearance do not fit many home designs, making it better suited for commercial spaces. However, our siding contractors offer cement siding in multiple colors and styles, guaranteeing you'll find an option that matches your property's aesthetic.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding gets more popular every year because of its design flexibility and ease of maintenance. This siding material looks great even with minimal maintenance, and our team can customize it in any color or style you can imagine. Since we can craft vinyl siding to take any appearance, we guarantee it will be a picture-perfect addition to your property.

Vinyl siding is also incredibly easy to clean and resists staining and discoloration, giving your home or business a colorful shine that lasts a lifetime. In addition, we offer consultations and design recommendations to help you fully understand your vinyl siding options and find the perfect fit for you.

Steel Siding

Steel siding’s biggest selling point is its weather resistance. This siding material is a fantastic insulator that will shield your interior spaces from the harsh weather conditions outdoors, which can save you money on utility expenses. Steel also resists staining, corrosion, and damage from inclement weather like rain, wind, and UV rays.

Steel siding also provides a sleek, elegant finish that fits well on contemporary buildings. If traditional steel siding isn’t your preferred choice, 2Code Exteriors offers several different colors and finishes to give it a unique look while maintaining its weather-resistance benefits.

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High-Quality Siding Brands

Our team doesn’t just install high-quality materials during our siding replacement service; we also use the best siding brands in the industry, including:

Ply Gem

Ply Gem is the leading vinyl siding manufacturer in America, with high-quality, durable products that look good on homes and protect them from harsh weather.


EDCO is a metal siding manufacturer known for its product’s incredible strength and durability. EDCO also makes visually stunning metal siding available in countless colors and styles.

James Hardie

James Hardie is the gold standard for fiber cement siding. They use a patented formula that combines sand, water, cellulose, and their specialized cement mix to create a finished product that withstands whatever wear and tear Minnesota weather throws its way.

What We work with

What to Expect During Your Siding Replacement Service

Our crew always arrives on time, and when they reach your home or business, they won’t waste a second of daylight. As soon as we show up, we’ll orient ourselves with the property, setup our workstations, and consult you one final time to ensure we deliver the services you want.

Once we’re in place, we’ll remove all the existing siding you want gone from your home. Depending on the size of the siding removal project, we’ll either do this one wall at a time or all at once. 

When we remove the siding, your home won’t have anything shielding it from inclement weather, and a poorly timed rainstorm could destroy the building. If we have a lot to work on, we’ll finish one wall before moving to the next to minimize damage while doing everything simultaneously with smaller projects.

When the old siding is gone, we’ll install your home’s new panels and finish our service with a thorough cleanup. Siding replacement can leave behind nails, old panels, dust, and other debris on your property, but we’ll clean everything up so you can enjoy a clean property.

How Long Does the Siding Process Last?

Siding replacement can sometimes take as long as four weeks, but various factors can accelerate timeline. For example, if you only need siding for a small house and opt for pre-finished siding rather than panels we need to paint, we’ll finish installation within a week.

If your home needs emergency repairs also shifts the timeline, and this is a factor that comes up a lot during siding replacement.

How Siding Replacement Leads to Additional Repairs

During siding replacement, we’ll remove parts of your home that have likely been there for decades and reveal a foundation you haven’t touched for a very long time. Unfortunately, even homes protected by siding can suffer wear and tear, and yours might need repairs without you even realizing it. 

Fixing the damage underneath your original siding is essential to finishing siding replacement; otherwise, you’ll have to tear off the panels to access the worn-down areas. Unfortunately, this extends the project timeline, but the finished product is a home in perfect condition.

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Schedule a Time to Replace Your Siding Today with 2Code Exteriors

2Code Exteriors provides the best siding replacement in Coon Rapids and the Twin Cities area. Our siding contractors are adept at siding installation and siding repair for worn-down panels and have access to the best materials available. 

Between our skilled hands and quality siding, you won’t find a home improvement team more qualified to strengthen your property than ours.

Call 2Code Exteriors today at 763 200-7447 to schedule an appointment for siding replacement or to learn more about our products and process.

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