How To Inspect Your Roof For Damage


The Importance of your roof

The roofs over our heads are important for many reasons, from simply protecting us from the weather to calculating how much our properties are worth. Today I will discuss five reasons to keep in mind when thinking about your roof.

Our barrier from the elements

Obviously our roofs protect us from weather like wind, snow and rain, so we don't really think about our roofs unless we are in a serious problem already. Over time, the granules on a roof's shingles start to wear off and can let wind and water into our properties. This can cause mold, mildew, and many other problems that you can prevent if you're aware of your roof's health.

Save money in the long run

Even though our roofs may protect us from the elements, there still could be underlying problems with your roof that will cost you money in the future. Your roof also has an effect on your property value. If your roof is 20 years old and has moss growing on it, it can lower the curb appeal of your home. Even the color of your roof can affect your heating and air conditioning bill because the shade of your shingle will determine how much sunlight your roof absorbs.

How to check your roof health

In order to properly inspect your roof, you first have to make sure you have the proper equipment. This includes a ladder, chalk, shoes that increase the surface area of your feet, and something to document your findings. Before you go up on your roof, make sure that it hasn't rained recently and your roof isn’t wet. The water and moisture can make the shingles slippery so you shouldn't go up on your roof under these conditions. Once you're up on the roof, look for these telltale signs of a damaged roof:

  • Impact marks from hail or debris; should look like a small crater with discoloration
  • Shingles peeling back; this will be easier to identify
  • Bubbling; this shows that moisture has entered the shingle
  • Cracked shingles; these should be fairly easy to spot and need to be dealt with in a timely manner

How we can help

If you don't have the time to get on your roof and believe it needs to be checked, 2Code Exteriors provides free storm damage inspections to assess if your property has sustained any damage. We will walk you through the process with customized situations for your unique situation. Contact us today!

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